Dental Braces in Balwyn

Dental braces are about so much more than straightening crooked teeth and enhancing facial aesthetics.

Crucially, they help guide the growth and development of facial bones, which explains why they are most commonly recommended for younger patients.

But at what age should braces first be considered?

We recommend an initial assessment once the first adult teeth begin to emerge, which is usually around age six or seven.

Early intervention can minimise the need for dental extractions and reduce the amount of time a child will need to wear braces, should they be required.

As an experienced and respected centre of expertise on braces in Melbourne, iSmile Studio will talk you through the range of options, each designed to correct different problems.

Lots of factors must be considered before braces are prescribed, meaning a comprehensive examination is needed, comprising X-Rays, replicas and photos. Based on the results, our team will explain in-depth the options that will have the best results for you or your child.

What are braces?
Traditional braces are fixed orthodontic appliances that use brackets and wires to straighten and adjust your teeth, gradually improving their appearance and function so that you can enjoy a perfect smile and confident smile.
Who is eligible for dental braces?
Teens and adults benefit the most from braces, although there is no age limit to who can wear them. As long as you have your adult teeth and a healthy jaw bone, orthodontic treatments are an available option for tooth correction and alignment.
Will I need to alter my diet while wearing braces?
Certain foods have the potential to damage your dental braces, which results in longer treatment times and more appointments with us! We recommend avoiding extremely crunchy foods (such as hard candy, popcorn and ice) and extremely stick foods (such as caramel and gum).
Do you offer alternatives to traditional dental braces?
While we do offer traditional braces at our Melbourne location we want to be sure you feel confident during and after your treatment – that’s why we offer Invisalign treatments as a discreet alternative to traditional systems.
Do I still need regular dental exams while I have braces?
Yes! In fact, it’s even more important to schedule regular cleanings, as braces make it more difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean. Regular cleanings remove plaque, tartar, bacteria and food particles that may have become stuck in hard to reach places.
How long will my treatment take?
No two smiles are the same, so each one responds differently to treatment! Treatment length ranges from as little as six months up to thirty months and depends on a variety of factors, including the intensity of the correction and patient cooperation. No matter how long it takes, we guarantee the results will have you smiling ear-to-ear.

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