Children Dentistry in Balwyn

At iSmile Studio we believe in an ethos of prevention and that good dental care should start early in life.

By the age of six or seven most children will have a combination of baby and adult teeth.

This is the ideal time to plan their first orthodontic assessment. Considering orthodontic treatments for children is important, because their bodies are still developing, meaning issues can be much less complicated to correct.

By starting the relationship between child and dentist early, we’ll be in the strongest position to look out for subtle changes in the development of their teeth and facial bones over time, and respond effectively. Early assessment and growth guidance measures can reduce the length of time your child may need to wear braces, negate the need to extract permanent teeth, and even improve the function of your child’s airway.
The iSmile Studio team is known for its work in children’s dentistry and orthodontics. We take a calming, gentle and friendly approach, which puts kids and parents at ease as we guide them through the options and benefits. Take this step today and make sure your child enjoys a healthy and beautiful smile, for life!
How often should my child see the dentist?
Similarly to adults, kids should go to the dentist twice a year. In case your kid needs additional care, the dentist might schedule more frequent visits, maybe every three months. Children’s dentistry and orthodontics are crucial because they guarantee proper development and help identify any new issues. 
What orthodontics treatments can I expect for my child?
Orthodontic treatment can be essential and comes in the form of braces. Both children and teenagers can need orthodontic treatment and there are four types of braces; traditional braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign.
What’s most important for a child’s oral health?
Children’s dentistry and orthodontics are crucial for proper development. The dentist will track the health of their mouth, teeth, and gum while the orthodontist will ensure that their teeth are forming properly to prevent damage in the future. 
How do I know if my child will need braces?
Braces for children aren’t anything dangerous. Simply schedule an appointment for your child with the orthodontist at iSmile Studio while you are getting your treatment, and they will tell you if there is a need for a brace. 
How can I ensure my child isn’t frightened to see the dentist?
A visit to the dentist can be terrifying for kids. Prepare them in advance, tell them what will happen, talk about dental health, and so on. At the same time, look for a dentist that knows how to keep kids calm and help them go through it all. 
Why should I choose the iSmile Studio for children’s dentistry and orthodontics?
We offer some of the best orthodontic treatment for children and adults in Melbourne, and all our dentists and orthodontists are skilled professionals with a lot of experience. We take pride in our services, and this is why patients trust us. 

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