Pain Management in Balwyn

For a comfortable dental experience

We know many people avoid booking a trip to the dentist because of fears related to pain or discomfort.

Fortunately, a wide range of medications and techniques can successfully reduce or eliminate pain, and control anxiety during procedures. iSmile Studios has the expertise to ensure these approaches are used to create a calm and comfortable dental experience. Still have concerns? Let us discuss your options with you and put your mind at ease!

Penthrox or ‘methoxyflurane’ belongs to a family of medicines known as ‘inhalation anesthetics’, and has been used as a means of pain relief by dentists for many years. It’s a harmless gas and has no long-term impact on the body. It’s also fast-acting. Patients usually notice relief after only six to eight breaths, with the effects quickly abating again once inhalation ceases, so you can leave the clinic ready to get on with your day.

Local anesthetic is used to offer relief from discomfort in the mouth for the duration of your treatment. Prior to injection, anesthetic cream is used to numb the gums and avoid any uncomfortable sensations as the anesthetic itself is administered. And although you might feel and sound a little unusual for a short time after your appointment, local anesthetic tends to wear off after about an hour.

For very nervous patients, we can offer general anesthetic and sleep dentistry, so you won’t feel a thing throughout your entire procedure.