Fillings in Balwyn

If you’re in need of a tooth filling in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place!

At iSmile Studio we are proudly amalgam-free. Using only white dental fillings, colour-matched to the surrounding teeth, we are able to beautifully restore your smile to its natural appearance, only better! Speak, laugh or even sing with confidence, without worrying about the unsightly grey fillings of yesteryear.

A composite filling is the perfect solution for eliminating small blemishes. The composite material used is placed on the tooth in layers, hardened by a UV light. It is then carefully sculpted to create the shape of the tooth, and seamlessly blend into your existing smile.

And it’s not just about the way it looks! These composite materials are more biocompatible (with zero adverse affects on the body!), require less preparation, and minimise the amount of your natural tooth that needs to be removed.

In other cases, we offer ceramic fillings, which are similar to a dental crown. Using a detailed impression mould taken from your mouth, each filling is expertly crafted in a dental laboratory, using the very latest digital scanner technology. Once assessed to ensure the perfect fit and ultimate comfort, the filling is secured using a specially-formulated bonding agent, which is responsible for restoring the strength, function and natural appearance of the tooth.

Both composite and ceramic fillings are extra strong and, unlike their amalgam counterparts, contract and expand with changes in temperature, just like natural teeth. This all adds up to reduced tooth sensitivity and leakage, and a reduced chance of fracture to the restoration. They look great and they’re built to last. This is where cosmetic dentistry meets functional dentistry. We’d call that a win/win!

What Is A Tooth Filling?
A tooth filling is a procedure that fills a hole (cavity) in a tooth, which is usually caused by decay. Fillings can be used to also restore the function, form and integrity of a tooth that is missing vital structure. A tooth filling is typically made of either composite resin or ceramic, they are colour matched to your teeth so that they are indistinguishable from the surrounding tooth. 
Can You Eat After A Tooth Filling?
You can begin eating as soon as local anaesthetic wears off. It is also recommended that you avoid hot drinks and food while the anaesthesia wears off, as this will prevent any accidental scalding. If you must eat, take care to not bite your tongue or the inside of the cheek as this can be painful.
Is Getting A Tooth Filling Painful?
A tooth filling should not be painful, the injection to numb the surrounding tissue of the cavity can sting however, we do not anticipate any patient experiencing pain during a tooth filling procedure. If you do experience pain or discomfort after a filling we recommend calling our office to discuss further. 
How Do I Care For My Fillings?
Caring for your filling will involve maintaining good oral hygiene, (regular brushing and flossing), regular dental appointments and avoiding excessive substances that can stain your fillings, such as caffeine or nicotine. You can as well use sensitive toothpaste or tooth mousse. We suggest preventive dentistry appointments, as well as your general dentistry appointments to reduce the risk of developing cavities and future complications arising. 

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