The Alkaline Body

Our body is constantly regulating our blood to sit at around 7.5 on the pH scale. This is slightly more alkaline than neutral and proves to be an optimal level for bodily functions. It’s important to remember that a balance is ideal for homeostasis within our bodies.

Disease, whether it is a virus, inflammatory condition such as arthritis, or even severe diseases have much less chance of survival in an alkaline body. In simple terms, our bodies thrive on alkaline-producing foods, which create an alkaline environment, for optimum health! On the other hand, when we consume foods that cause our bodies to become more acidic, our overall health declines.

Our bodies are affected by the stresses of our day to day lives. Including stress, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, pollution, toxins, herbicides and pesticides will have a negative effect on our bodies.

alkaline body drink. There are some very easy ways to start becoming alkaline such as: Deep breathing, juicing, meditation, yoga and squeezing lemon juice in a glass of warm water each day.

A simple way to include many alkalising foods at once is through juicing. Juices can be included in your breakfast or can replace your dessert!

Posted on 30 April 2020 by iSmile Studio Balwyn