Sleep Yourself Beautiful

When you sleep you’re not just getting the rest that your body needs to function but improving your beauty, creativity, confidence, clarity, decision making skills, happiness and overall health. Poor sleep is associated with high stress levels on your body which is reflected by your skin, waste line and can cause more chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

A good night sleep helps your brain and body’s cells repair itself, getting 7-9 hours’ sleep enhances your learning ability, creativity, problem solving and your ability to remember information.

From a lack of sleep your more prone to dark circles, skin disorders and a weak immune system, this is because when you sleep your body releases an anti-aging hormones called melatonin and human growth hormone, these hormones work together to re build, protect and rejuvenate your cells and making collagen that keeps your skin tight and toned, which make you look and feel younger.

Sleep hygiene is a important step that needs to be taken, sleep hygiene is all the things you do before you go to sleep that effects your quality of sleep and health. Steps that should be taken to help your sleep are, training your body to get into a rhythm by going to bed at a regular time every night, avoiding artificial light such as computer screens and your mobile screen a few hours before going to sleep, exercising during the day that will make you feel more rested when you are ready to go to sleep.

Even the food you eat effects the quality of your sleep, consuming magnesium- rich food and calcium rich foods such as leafy green vegies, nuts, seeds, fish, brown rice, avocados helps to trigger and balance hormones that are produced during sleep that will help you feel more relaxed, help you fall asleep and  stay asleep during the night.


Posted on 30 April 2020 by iSmile Studio Balwyn