It Takes Two to Tango

“Living longer while maintaining healthy, active and meaningful lives demands of us to become better partners in our own health.”

Dr Milla Duchovni


Our iSmile doctors have the following tips for being a better partner in your dental health:

Ask a ton of questions.

One of the best ways to be a good patient is by following your prescribed treatment or prevention plan.

According to research, if you understand the rationale behind your doctor’s recommendation, you are more likely to embrace it and autonomously engage in a treatment… says Dr Milla Duchovni.

This is because internal sources of motivation are stronger than external rewards or threats.

It was found by researchers that people who ask the most questions about the treatment recommended are also the ones most likely to follow them and achieve the best health outcomes.

Take time to participate as a full partner in your dental treatment and iSmile team members will be happy to find appropriate answers to help you.

Automate your health routines.

According to statistical data, only half of all Australians manage to take medications correctly and consistently.

We are even worse in embracing behavioural changes, for example flossing and brushing daily, quitting smoking or losing weight.

Implementing those changes requires exercising willpower and self-control.

Making health habits more of a routine, will demand less will power and will make it easier to maintain them.

Dr Milla Duchovni suggests giving yourself environmental cues like putting dental floss in a spot that is easily seen every morning and night.

You may find smart phone reminders useful as well.

Consult Dr Google.

Using the Internet for research and self-education rather than self-diagnosis can be beneficial.

Give us the whole story.

The iSmile doctors cannot diagnose or treat you optimally if you do not tell the whole truth.

“I take you are brushing and flossing daily?”

……Do not be embarrassed to tell us in detail about your dental health condition.

Best results will be achieved when you choose to PARTNER with our dental health providers rather than expect us to “FIX “your health issue.

Let’s Tango.


Posted on 06 May 2020 by iSmile Studio Balwyn