Cancer Goes Viral

HPV positive throat and tongue cancers are taking off in men.

Head and neck cancers associated with HPV are on the rise.

HPV (human papilloma virus)is the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease in western world and worldwide, infecting just about ALL men and women at some point in their lives.

Although most people clear the virus naturally, recurring infections with some virulent strains can lead to cancer

Oropharyngeal cancers, affecting the back of the throat, tonsils and back of the tongue are on the rise.
At iSmile Studio we care about the rising incidence of HPV among Australian population and routinely perform oral cancer screen as part of our comprehensive dental examination.

The susceptible patient profiles point to younger men, often with no significant history of the commonly recognised risk factors of smoking or heavy drinking, which are risk factors for head and neck cancers.

In 2005 studies 73%of oropharyngeal cancers tested +to HPV.

HPV associated cancers make up 3.3% of all cancer causes among women and. 2 % of all such causes in men.

Experts predict that by 2020 incidence of HPV related oropharyngeal cancers will overtake incidence of cervical cancers, shifting the burden of HPV associated cancers from women to men.

Oral cancer claims around 700 lives a year in Australia.

Keep an eye out for red and white patches in your mouth or ulcers that won’t clear up within 3 weeks. See your dentist straight away.

Based on these statistics gender neutral or male – centric approach in vaccinations with GARDASIL vaccine may be beneficial in prevention of HPV – associated cancers.
A win for all of us!


Posted on 06 May 2020 by iSmile Studio Balwyn