5 Amazing Tips For Keeping Your Braces Clean At Home

Having clean, straight teeth helps you smile in confidence. Sometimes it takes wearing braces to create the healthiest, happiest you, but braces do more for you than straighten your teeth. Wearing braces helps keep your teeth and mouth healthy, which impacts your whole health. However, when you wear braces, you must take care to keep them and your teeth clean. 

You may wonder how to keep your braces clean and healthy so that you can maintain that confident smile. Here are five tips for how to keep teeth clean with braces.

1. Brush after eating

When you have braces, it’s essential to take the time to brush your teeth after eating. Food can sometimes get stuck behind or between the braces, so you need to brush sooner rather than later. If you let too much time pass, the food can settle in, making it harder to remove. When brushing, use circular motions to reach all the places possible. 

You can also use a soft or medium bristle brush — you have to be careful not to brush too hard and damage any of the enamel on your teeth.

2. Use an interdental brush 

An interdental brush is a very tiny brush that has bristles all the way around. These tiny bristles are very fine and gentle, yet strong enough to do their job. The brush is quite flexible too, allowing you to get in between the teeth and work on gaps in your mouth.

An interdental brush also allows you to clean behind your braces if something has gotten stuck there, and you can’t get it out with a regular toothbrush. Simply take the interdental brush, push it gently behind the braces and twist it around. Rinse your mouth with water and repeat as necessary.

3. Floss regularly 

Flossing is an essential part of keeping your teeth clean with braces. The flossing string is even thinner than the interdental brush and designed to get out the tiny particles of food and debris stuck between teeth. By removing this debris from between your teeth, you ensure the health and beauty of your teeth and braces. Keeping your braces clean and in good shape will make your teeth look great once you get the braces taken off.

4. Eat a healthy diet 

What you eat can certainly make a difference in keeping braces clean. Some foods tend to stick to the teeth and braces more readily than others do. For example, chips, hard candy, sugary sweets and salty snacks can all be a problem. Although you may love these foods, it would be a good idea to not eat as much of them for now. If you do binge on them now and then, make sure to brush immediately afterwards.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a healthy alternative. The juices from fruits can help stimulate your saliva, which can clean away plaque. Of course, nothing takes the place of brushing your teeth, but these foods do contribute to aiding in your oral health goals.

5. Gargle

Gargling can be done with mouthwash or a saltwater mixture. However, you don’t need to use the saltwater mixture regularly. In fact, saltwater gargles are mostly recommended when you first get your braces or when you get adjustments because they reduce pain and inflammation. Still, they contribute to your overall oral health, because salt can loosen food particles that are stuck in between your teeth and braces. So, a saltwater gargle will serve two purposes.

To keep your braces clean and healthy, you can use a mouthwash gargle as well. Mouthwash solutions consist of antiseptic ingredients such as alcohol, menthol or eucalyptol, which kills bacteria. When you let bacteria stay on your teeth, it can cause decay. This can harm the progress you’re making with your braces. So, use mouthwash regularly to reduce the risk of bacteria and decay and achieve fresh breath.

If you want to know how to keep clear braces clean, simply follow the guidelines above. Adhering to these tips will help you to discover healthy teeth and create your best smile!

At iSmileStudio, we are here to help you with your oral healthcare needs. Our approach to oral care is whole-of-health, which means we recognise how crucial your oral health is to your overall health and wellbeing. We believe that protecting your mouth equals protecting your body. That’s why we ensure you have optimal treatment for all your oral health needs.

Posted on 24 February 2022 by iSmile Studio Balwyn