What Are Braces? And What Are The Benefits Of Braces?

Teeth are one of our most important features; their appearance plays an essential role in our self-esteem and, in turn, the opinions others have about us. An attractive smile is an effective tool in just about any personal or professional situation, and also has implications for the health of our teeth. 

But the truth is that many of us don’t have naturally amazing smiles. And in these instances, braces can be a helpful tool for enhancing what nature gave us. 

But just what are braces? 

Well, modern braces are devices that are either permanently or semi-permanently attached to the teeth in order to apply pressure to them. Over time, this pressure gradually shifts the position of the teeth and can also help reshape the jaw to create a more attractive and “natural” appearance. Crooked teeth can be corrected, gaps can be closed, and overcrowding can be addressed. 

Modern braces — specifically the metal variety, which have become near-synonymous with the term — were invented in France in the 19th century. However, more rudimentary forms were extant in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, which suggests that nice smiles have been sought after for a good chunk of recorded human history! 

Braces are usually worn for an extended period of time — anywhere from 6 months to 3 years is quite common, though it’s not unusual for it to extend even longer. People who have them during adolescence tend to have to wear them for a number of years, as the mouth and jaw are still in the process of growing. Over time, the teeth and jaw are forced into the desired position, which can also help address issues such as overbite or underbite at the same time. 

Though metal braces are still a common sight today, technology is continuing to evolve. More discreet varieties, such as ceramic braces, clear plastic braces, and Invisalign, have proven immensely popular, as have braces behind the teeth. One of the common reasons people don’t seek treatment from braces is the perceived awkwardness that can result from wearing them, but more modern varieties reduce this significantly. Many people who didn’t have braces during adolescence are now opting to get them later in life to enhance the appearance and function of their teeth. 

However, the right types of braces for your teeth will vary according to the type of dental issue that you’re experiencing. Not all varieties are equally suited for every issue, though; in many instances, metal braces are still the best option, particularly for younger people. And in turn, this brings us to the benefits of braces.  

So, what are the benefits of braces?  

Well, the first — and most obvious — benefit is the improved smile that can result from undergoing treatment via braces. Many people who have braces report greatly improved self-esteem due to the enhanced look of their teeth. It may even extend as far as having access to new social and career opportunities. 

But the benefits of braces aren’t solely cosmetic, and it would be a mistake to portray them as such. Issues such as crowded, crooked or gappy teeth can have wider implications for your oral health. They can interfere with how well you can do basic day-to-day tasks like chewing, as well as potentially putting you at greater risk for cavities and gum disease later in life. Braces can serve as an excellent corrective in many of these cases, and it’s why there tends to be so much emphasis on helping adolescents get them — getting set up with healthy teeth earlier in life can make things substantially easier. 

With that said, it’s never really too late to benefit from braces. So why not speak to your dentist today to see if they could correct your dental concerns?

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Posted on 03 March 2022 by iSmile Studio Balwyn