Fissure Sealants

Getting groovy

Fissure sealants are one of the best ways the iSmile Studio team can prevent the development of cavities in your child’s teeth.

Fissures are the deep grooves in the back molar teeth. The problem is young children find brushing difficult and don’t always clean the back teeth properly, which can lead to the development of cavities.

Fissure sealant is a liquid resin similar in consistency to nail polish, which flows into the back teeth to fill the grooves so the teeth are almost smooth, making them easy for children to clean.

After only a couple of minutes the resin sets hard, creating a protective barrier against plaque, bacteria and cavities.

It’s a very simple, completely pain-free procedure that our iSmile Studio team can explain, and only takes a few minutes to do each tooth and will last for several years.

To ensure the fissures sealant is still in place as your child’s teeth develop, it’s important you bring your child in to see the iSmile Studio team every six months.

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