Root Canal Dentist in Melbourne

There’s no need to be scared

When someone describes an unpleasant task they don’t want to do, they’ll usually compare it to – or state they’d rather have – a root canal. Well now they may have to re-think this statement.

With today’s specialised surgical microscope, dental equipment, techniques and pain relief options, root canal therapy at iSmile Studio can be completed quickly and without discomfort.

At iSmile Studio we believe it’s always better to save a natural tooth whenever possible. This is because it’s much better for your long-term oral health and wellbeing.

What is root canal therapy?

At the centre of every tooth is a canal filled with nerves and blood vessels. Some teeth have one canal and some have up to four. If the tissue in the canal becomes infected, either through gum disease or trauma sustained in an accident, and is not treated it can spread to the bone and cause painful abscesses. The infection could even spread to other areas of the body leading to potentially serious complications.

Root canal therapy is a procedure to remove the infected tissue before it can spread.

Firstly, an opening in the tooth is made and the canal is then cleaned and sterilised to ensure there are no bacteria. The canals are then filled with specially treated bio-compatible dental material to prevent further infection. All steps of root canal treatment are performed utilising surgical microscope, in order to ease treatment and insure its outcome.

A tooth that has undergone root canal therapy will often require a crown to restore strength and function. The crown will be colour matched so it blends seamlessly with your natural surrounding teeth.

How painful is root canal therapy?

At iSmile Studio we understand the apprehension many people have regarding root canal therapy and will do everything we can to alleviate your concern. We have a number of pain relief options available for you.

Often it’s the anticipation of treatment that is the greatest cause of stress. Before commencing any treatment we will explain the procedure in detail and answer any questions you may have to alleviate your concerns.

It is paramount to our team that you are completely comfortable at all times. We offer local anaesthetic options to reduce any feelings of anxiety and will constantly communicate with you through your procedure to ensure you are relaxed.

If you have a tooth that’s in constant pain, schedule a check-up appointment with the gentle and understanding team at iSmile Studio. You can call us on (03) 9888 5677 or drop into our dental practice at 1/92 Balwyn Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103.

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