Internal teeth whitening in Melbourne

From the inside out

The main difference between standard teeth whitening treatments, which removes the discolouration on the surface of the tooth enamel and internal tooth whitening, is that internal whitening is specially designed for a discoloured front tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.

Firstly your iSmile Studio dentist will assess your tooth to make sure that the type of discolouration is suitable for internal tooth whitening. They may also take an X-ray of the tooth to ensure the root canal filling is completely sealed between the top of the tooth and the root is in place for internal tooth whitening to be appropriate.

A small keyhole is created in the back of your tooth and the top of the root canal filling exposed. An impervious lining will be placed over this and then a special whitening gel will be carefully placed into the tooth. A tooth coloured filling material will be used to close the hole.

The objective of internal whitening is in the removal of the tooth discoloration without sacrificing any hard tooth substance.

To find out if internal whitening is right for you, speak to our dental team on (03) 9888 5677. You can also visit our practice at 1/92 Balwyn Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103.

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