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Providing first-class care

Our dedicated and highly trained iSmile Studio team are all experts in their field. They are focused on ensuring your individual needs are attended to every time you enter our practice.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a warm and welcoming environment and remain committed to ensuring you are relaxed at all times so you enjoy your visit. Our helpful and friendly team are here to answer your questions you may have and offer any assistance or advice you may need to enjoy good oral health.

The unique iSmile Studio holistic approach to your care is one that assesses your health in its entirety not just focus on a singular disease or symptom. We closely examine how your oral health may impact your general health and the effect your general can have on your oral health. Our all-embracing approach to your care is focused on helping you achieve greater overall health, longevity and wellbeing.

At iSmile Studio Balwyn we look forward to providing you with the highest level of personalised care so you can enjoy a healthy body and a beautiful smile. Call us on (03) 9888 5677 to schedule a consultation or visit the practice at 1/92 Balwyn Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103.




Sarah is the FACE of iSmile Studio and our Oral Hygiene Coordinator. She is approachable, always equipped with a smile, loves a good chat anytime and connects naturally well with our very young patients. Sarah completed orthodontic treatment as a teenager, after seeing her beautiful result, she fell in love with dentistry! Aspiring to become a dental hygienist someday, Sarah diligently learns and is dedicated to expanding her skills and knowledge in all areas of dentistry. Outside of iSmile Studio, Sarah is passionate about health, fitness, nutrition and is a stylish fashionista.


Kristy is our Dental Therapist here at iSmile Studio. With eight years of experience under her belt, she graduated with a degree of dental technician, as well as a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Queensland. Kristy has a special interest in children’s dentistry, and always inspires the young to take pride in caring for their teeth and develop good dental habits for life. When she is not at the practice, Kristy enjoys being active and loves the outdoors – from snowboarding down a mountainside, to playing netball and working out in the gym. Apart from her big plans of climbing Mount Everest, Kristy hopes to have kids of her own one day.


Ahn is our Dental Therapist who is skilled in advanced gum problems management and has an interest in teeth whitening treatments. Outside of iSmile Studio, Ahn loves cooking Vietnamese food, travelling and spending time with her girls.


Our practice manager, Jessica, is a small town girl who grew up in the country. She has a great sense of humor and is passionate about dental health. Jessica is dedicated to ensuring all patients feel relaxed and welcome. She also loves working with children, ensuring that they perfect their brushing habits and maintain good oral hygiene habits. When Jessica is not at iSmile Studio, she loves cooking for her family and friends, and taking her dog for long walks.


Our experienced and highly organised Office Coordinator, Coll, is a mature and energetic person who brings a wealth of experience to the team at iSmile Studio. Coll makes it her priority to ensure that all patients feel welcome and are always at ease. She takes great delight and pride in seeing patients gain confidence over time to improving their smiles. Don’t let her day job fool you though – Coll enjoys spending time doing Rock ’N’ Roll dancing whenever she can and lives for Asian food! And whenever she can, she travels back to her native homeland in New Zealand to spend time with her loving family.


Our Senior Dental Assistant Maggie has extensive experience in beauty and cosmetics, which reinforces her passion for facial aesthetics. She loves to have discussions about the importance of a healthy diet, the benefits of alkalinity, vitamins and nutrient supplementation. However, she is not adverse to a good croissant. Maggie loves to travel when she can and enjoys meeting new people and making new friends.


Lisa’s focus as our Senior Dental Assistant is on patient safety and comfort during their visits. She ensures all patients are taken care of in the utmost gentle and caring manner. Lisa has a passion for personal fitness as she trains for and partakes in full marathons on a regular basis. She also harbors and appreciation for art and painting, enjoys Mexican food and loves anything in the colour blue. When Lisa is not at iSmile Studio, she regularly visits her native New Zealand.

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